‘What’s Closest to The Heart Comes Out, You’ll Hear It’

As a poet and artist and someone who hasn’t been very musically talented herself (and very embarrassingly so), I’ve found a deep appreciation for Irish Celtic music for many years, letting it pour into me as I listen and sometimes it may find its subtle way into my own art.

I especially like songs with a traditional musical setting and poetic lyrics that are often long-ago ballads and folk verses sung, along with modern songwriting that falls beautifully into place with the traditional Celtic pieces.

I haven’t found a great number of artists I’ve really loved doing this style of music and yet that hasn’t mattered to me as the select singers and songwriters I’ve found so far have been fulfilling.

I would like to discover a male solo singer in this acoustic genre ‘though I’ve loved the backing I’ve found with some of the familiar to me Celtic folk ladies and also with the British singer Kate Rusby.

I’ve listened to Cara Dillon and Kate Rusby for many years and they both also write and sing their own songs along with singing and adapting the classic and sometimes forgotten songs from long ago.

I came across Cathie Ryan as a similar style Celtic Irish singer last year and a favorite song of hers is quoted in this post title; I will link to it at the end: ‘What’s Closest to the Heart’ (written by Cathie) from The Farthest Wave (2005). It is musically so incredible, lyrically illuminating, and very enriched by Cathie’s pure and complex vocals.

In this past year when I’d returned to Blush of Dawn, I began glimpsing into the biography of the poets and authors and musicians I’d found or known of awhile to learn basic facts about them and that, too, has enriched me. I would’ve thought Cathie was from Ireland and had always been; I learn today she’s from Detroit, Michigan and her parents were from Ireland. She’d lived in Michigan awhile, attended Fordham University in New York City where she moved to at seventeen, and now lives in County Louth, Ireland. (Her birthday seems to be secret.)

I am gratefully centered today with the moon zodiac calendar I now understand. The moon is now in the sign of Pisces (as I knew Pisces, my Sun sign, would be next after Aquarius).

Enough talk from me for now, why not listen to this lively and very sweetly flowing song? ‘What’s Closest to the Heart’ by Cathie Ryan.


Cathie Ryan – What’s Closest to the Heart

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