A Sea-Air Song for the Morning

Both cups are for me. I like these cute little cups at times with about this amount of tea.

I am much closer now to the end of the epic poem The Faery Queene (Book I) by Edmund Spenser and wrote something a very different sort of epic myself in yesterday’s post ‘Pop Music Face-Off.’ With all my recent creative, business, and unique to the time errand activity, I am placing enough rest within my calendar this week.

The moon calendar has also had a centering effect on me and so no need to up any lithium now just give me a well-penned, well-spaced by me personal calendar and a brand new understanding of the even, orderly flow of the zodiac signs through the moon calendar. Also the relaxing scent of coconut oil cream on my skin.

And I’m still feeling this Pisces moon with an Aquarian-Pisces cusp compassion and concern in personal life and in the larger sphere of humanity (my own cusp too), so the Irish folk singer-songwriter, Lisa Hannigan is back now with another favorite song: ‘Ocean and a Rock,’ which inspired a reference in my own poem from A Little Honey Sweetens The Flame.


Lisa Hannigan – Ocean and a Rock

3 responses to “A Sea-Air Song for the Morning”

    • Thanks, Mauro!! I liked your post I just read about blogging well. I was wondering at one pt. if my regular blogging was a ‘bad move’ and if I needed to get myself a ticket to Bloggers’ Anonymous, but I have a good rhythm & confident in keeping the community happy!🙏✔️Thanks for coming by too. 🙂

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