A Very Small Adventure of a Different Type

The neighbor’s apartment construction sounds suddenly getting loud today in my apartment as I’d sat down to read had me spontaneously remember that I could come to this place in the office building at my apartment complex anytime but hadn’t thought to until now.

I am just a fairy peasantharlot breaking into a palace to continue reading a one hundred year old library copy of The Faery Queene by Edmund Spenser (which uses a very hm, ‘cuddly’ word in it, ‘hermitage.’) This bright, very spacious, naturally well-lit room makes me remember a favorite old short story that I’d read years ago, “A Clean Well-Lit Place” by Raymond Carver Ernest Hemingway! What?!

Not only did late ‘80s music try to redeem itself and keep doing it, but Kahlil Gibran first made peace with my heart by me understanding the even greater peace and consolation (with my glimpse) into the other side of earthly life in heaven, and then the learned knowledge that he was around my height at 3 inches taller, called his studio apartment home a ‘hermitage’ with candles in it (a Rumi-like charm of cuteness) and May Ziadeh’s making peace with her own justice and plenty of jokes among us, and then the truth of the monthly moon through the zodiac stabilizing my schedule and now…

Ernest Hemingway whose novel The Sun Also Rises was just on hold for The Faery Queene redeems himself as an author and individual by me realizing I had liked that short story he’d written by being driven out of my living room today by construction work getting loud only to wander into a palace-like room with a great soundtrack that has always been here!


Earlier today: A Sea-Air Song for the Morning

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