My Poems, A Budding Playlist, and a Very Practical Thing

The eighteen poems I’d written since April I’ve found complete as of last night and I can continue submitting to magazines all of them now as I write more for my next book. There was a storm last night, no thunder, a little wind and rain, and I read my last-to complete-poem with the note for May Ziadeh aloud as the rain calmed, and then I fell into my favorite resting yoga pose in the dark, Supta Baddha Konasana (Sanskrit), Reclined Bound Angle.

These coming days I will continue writing my very first ghazal poem, which I’d started writing in pen on a pad of paper a couple days ago with the company of two very dear reference books I’d taken off my shelf; a thesaurus and a dictionary. I learned of the ghazal when reading the Persian poet Mir and read his poetry aloud on YouTube.

I remember the cashier at Barnes and Noble in Walpole, MA many years ago looking at me with a little suspicion as she’d lifted these maybe heavy books like ‘Interesting purchase…’ (and I know there are free, easy to use online dictionaries and I use them more often, but these paper ones provide a supplemental experience and service.)

I see that there are 🎶 50 songs in May Ziadeh’s playlist which I’d re-named ‘Music for May’ and not much work at all to hand-pick the songs.

I am better at hand-picking songs than hand-picking flowers to care for, but I am not giving up; I give my begonias a genuine hug that always seem happy even through my confused composting and my strawberry plants who may even feel a little, little bit better today. (I shouldnt’ve fed them my fruits.) 🧚‍♀️

I’m not neglectful with the plants; I am learning. I realized after that even though I’d left the jasmine out all day and night over the weekend by accident, just because the wind tore the petals and leaves off the stems, I didn’t need to throw the stems I was trying to grow roots for into the wind, too. But May got them all and I’d rather that.

I was glad when playing music she’d said (inaudibly) ‘These are so nice BiBibti… now play me some of my Eastern songs 😊.’ I will likely share selections from the playlist on the blog.


I used to think the point of a comb was just to detangle your hair and all combs were exactly the same and all brought out a very consistent lack of excitement from me toward them. And then I’d found a few Ayurveda articles online after I’d completed my yoga teacher certification this past September and learned a bit about it that was actually plenty for me. Ayurveda is a diet and lifestyle wellness science related to the origins of yoga practice specific to different individual concerns and composition-types of bodies and individuals.

It was then I bought this Neem infused handmade wooden comb last year that is so incredible. This artist Soulgenie on the site Etsy sells this high-quality comb (mine I’m linking to was labeled wide-toothed and yet it’s not extremely wide or too fine for me). It ships from India, which will be more expensive to ship to USA, but a quality, made to last product and not priced high as an item itself.

The comb smells so nice too with the natural infused Neem wood and the scent I did not find overpowering at all. The artist did not pay me to share this or even know that I am; it is just a great thing I’ve treasured.

The jasmine flowers were holding my smile and they flew away, but I am still smiling for you.

Handcrafted Neem Wood Comb on Etsy


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