A Late July Saturday Walk in Boston

So many roses to admire in the evening cool…

Boston Public Garden


For some time these days, 80s music has been on a mission to lift your life to peaceful heights as you can see in this video I took of a drummer street performer by the harbor in Boston this past Saturday.

I overheard violin music as my skin tingled with the sound and I captured the performance. I found the lyrics later on, hadn’t known the song well; I kept them near, walking on refreshed by chills…

A rose garden at the Boston Public Garden as if the music lead us there with bright pink roses and soft petals to kiss.

I continue my lessons today; there are consonants to learn… I loaded the keyboard days ago and now I can spell a little on my own:


Have a beautiful day. If you feel a moment down, recall the view of how that drummer flipped his head lightly with such enjoyment…


The Faery Queene Book I, My Reflective Review

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