The First Blush of Dawn

I woke and opened my eyes to see this blush of dawn today and smiled warmly.

And then the sun and sky through the pines before early morning tea.

I started writing notes on posts to come early last week sometimes related to the current moon sign for some added interest.

I’d also picked up a favorite poetry book of mine and reread it, A Few Figs from Thistles by a classic author on the blog Edna St. Vincent Millay who is a fellow Pisces poet, Sun in actual Pisces like me and also on the same Aquarian cusp I’d mentioned of myself, (Aquarian) poet May Ziadeh, and (Aquarian) singer-songwriter Lisa Hannigan.

I hadn’t read Edna’s poems much in recent days as I explore the pleasure of reading fully and freely, but I’d not posted her poetry during that moon when I’d considered as I felt there was a better, more mood-fitting time coming up in the near future, and the moon doesn’t write this blog, and I’d loved the poem on my own off the blog. And then that moon passed.

From this article about Edna, you can see she had been prolific. ‘For far too long, Millay’s work has been overshadowed by her reputation. A party girl poet. A sexually adventurous bisexual. A morphine addict. But then Millay also won the Pulitzer for Poetry in 1923.’ —From The Guardian

I am part of this poetry community but am not a moderator or changing any profile pictures, but I just saw this today:

As if to say, ‘I’m in my own m**********n’ moon!’ (and more likely an added) wench!’


I am trying again in my nature lessons, not in denial of needing to take better care as if, ‘The plants like the fruits; it’s natural for them! The jasmine flowers need some good ol’ outdoor air!’ No, no, no, denial will not help the environment.

And this is the second generation jasmine found in the same spot as the last one just before I picked it this morning to grow roots indoors.

…There will be a rest here…beginning now for the readers. 😊And hii to any new readers! This blog has been a pretty continuous story awhile from when it started up again late 2020 and especially one starting mid-May 2021 (And there is a blog archive at the bottom of the page.)

Now rest well 😊☕️🫖🙏🌷🍵😊💕


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