The morning moon above the pines.

I touch the pines because you loved them; I’ve loved them too. I smiled at the image on my hand after I saw the photo, and I felt a touch back very much so in the moment.

You don’t mind if these are even pines.

Love for love and no selfish gain: a touch for heaven is always for love and a touch from heaven is the same.

You aren’t here now as you’re reading this, I can’t see you, but I write and take photos to share the experience as near to the immediate one as possible because of the love found within it.


What about the love you give? Someone who is tilting their cup at the floor won’t gather the love you give and it will be not enough—looking away at themselves, spilling it onto the floor. It will never be enough for them until they choose to turn their cup—love that is true is always enough.


Yesterday: The First Blush of Dawn

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