Blush and Plenty of It

The sky was azure blue when I woke and I said good morning. I sometimes practice saying ‘May’, with emphasis on the y accent for fun as I can spell a word now in a new language, her name: مي. She painted the sky just then with plenty of blush (I know in heaven a person can paint specific skies) and then some more blush, an impressive design. ☺️

I am continuing my Arabic lessons this week so eventually I can read the language and read books by this author I’ve mentioned, the Palestinian-Lebanese Romantic era author, May Ziadeh, who was born one hundred years before me around the same time as I was in February. Many people in her lifetime looked at her and noticed her beauty and just stayed there, but there is so much beauty that’s found in her poems and words, not to be set aside for just looking upon her face and form.

May wrote poetry, essays, and novel(s) and had been a tutor as well (I tutored too in college), and we both studied Literature and Philosophy. She wrote her first book in French, (which I’ve translated with online tools myself to read and also considered her personal word choice), but then for the next books she continued in Arabic, and I can’t wait to read them.

May Ziadeh

(Artist unknown. My guess, Gibran?)

This week I am also reading my recent poems to see which ones I may like to read aloud at a couple of upcoming online poetry readings this week and next, one poem each.

Things not specifically scheduled this week include working some more on my first ghazal poem I’d begun. A ghazal poem consists of couplets and each line has a specific meter or length and a certain form of repetition with end words and rhyme. And authors often write modern variations of form poems to fit a certain idea they may have or bend the rules a little. I’ve begun mine by hand with a new black pen and a very flat lined paper pad.

Posts to come…one of them will share a poem I’ve loved by the first poet to be featured when Blush of Dawn was revived in 2020, a fellow February born poet who revolutionized the sonnet and has been read so well for so long with my delight and enjoyment: Edna St. Vincent Millay. 😊

And other things that may fall in: painting, submitting more poems, and also yoga planning and dancing and walking around beneath the trees. I will be sure to enjoy good food and hand-picked snacks too.


Yesterday: August Monday, Morning Sun

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