Galilean Lullaby

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As I’ve been adding songs to a playlist titled ‘Music for May,’ as in the author May Ziadeh, the list has 74 songs currently, so freely found among ones I’d already known and a few new ones. I also found Chopin mentioned in her poetry book Flowers of a Dream and felt she’d probably liked his Waltzes too and not only his mentioned more often, Nocturnes.

There’s a diversity of genres and moods to share, even ones a person might not first think to recommend to a poet born in the time of 1886 ☺️and yet it’s been enjoyable to have such a list and share music after her earthly lifetime.

This is becoming a great collection and some very fitting ones too. I’d felt her requesting her Eastern songs as well and good for me as this is a type of music I hadn’t explored myself ‘though I’ve done a lot of exploration throughout my own time.

I thought to find a lullaby yesterday… May was born in Nazareth and yesterday evening I came across a single song so easily.

I let it play and it had a very personal reaction in me: felt tears coming and from within my heart and like I’d known it without any thought or ‘what if’ coming up at the time. I’ve never had a song bring me tears like that unless by my own memory associated with the song I’d already played and had attached my own memory to its English lyrics.

I wasn’t in a melancholic or deep mood at the time either and I wasn’t expecting the tears would come and would still come as I didn’t understand the language or lyrics. I thought then, I will be hosting a yoga class online soon and maybe I would be self-conscious of the tears having come.

But I let myself listen as I’d wished through the song and I know however I am is how I am; I can steady myself and wipe away tears and put on some powder as I would, but it is okay to be moved in a melancholic way if it happens. And if I happen to feel self-conscious, that’s how I feel, and I’ll start where I am.

I felt like the meaning of the song was a mix of great sadness and also great love, not a feeling only of hopeless despair in that song and the genuine care in someone or something can bring just as much emotion and tears as sadness alone, probably more, but they turn to healing and strength. And strength to me isn’t only perfect sturdiness.

I looked up the English lyrics after which were as I’d imagined.

It is a song I heard again in the bright, gentle light of today as the day moves towards noon and one I listened to yesterday in the beginning of the slow evening dark.

I liked that I heard it first and then read the lyrics and both are linked here.

Song with lyrics and about the song, ‘Galilean Lullaby’ Artist: Reem Kelani

update: 11/17/21, live concert song version I found, first listen:



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