Tiny Sure Buds and Snow-flowers, Small But Meaningful Changes

late afternoon yesterday

This Sunday, I’ll be attending as a guest and also reading a poem of my own for the first time online at an art and poetry event. I had done maybe a few Open Mics at Brooklyn College when I was a student there and at the time I preferred much more to hide! But I am really looking forward to this event.

I collected my snow-flowers found so very neatly fallen on the table late yesterday and placed them to keep in the back of a hardcover book on my bookshelf. I saw then three tiny flower buds and noticed I am progressing in my nature studies: I see I can keep the stems just as they are in the glass of water and not toss them away when blossoms fall from them. I will keep these snow-flowers as they’re pressed under the weight of a book and time; they will be cherished.

The new toppled over basil plant has a couple of tiny baby basil sprouts and I think that plant will revive. The strawberry plants haven’t had any new berries for me to eat but seem steady anyway and the pink begonias are still smiling no matter what.

I don’t remember Peeko coming up on my lap before like this the other day; he didn’t need anything and had all his meals for the day. He is glad though when I sit on my zabuton because he can relate to me on the floor at his level. I do know to be cautious ‘cause if he gets very worked up by his feelings of affection, he will sometimes feel the next step is to bite and will also think it’s absurd and unfair if he’s told ‘no’ and is stopped. His affection meter may reach a certain level and then transfers over into violence. ☺️

Some times ago I’d noticed I was becoming very tired by evening and very overwhelmed and stirred up by the amount of things I was doing with my writing and yoga and not placing spaces for myself to rest in the day. So I began planning one or two main things for the day, ones that mattered most and were happening soonest, and I’ve felt well.

Before the change, Peeko is reminding me in this photo as he’s standing next to the clock and kettle that I am late for tea. He’s a little pissed off but he’s also winking at me. ☺️

I alternate the style of this prayer table from time to time; this one was a more elaborate Catholic design and the lit candle is always attended by me. Peeko checks a new thing to him at first to make sure it is safe and I was ready to lift him and set him away if needed. He is highly intelligent and seems to have a real knack for understanding danger. And he never cared to check a candle again.


I am making small decorative changes (natural and not breaking the bank) as I’ve enjoyed some interior design and like the way I feel in general in a room arranged a pleasant way to me, whether to create art in or just be in. I will share a photo to come, just a small change above the couch and I have a great canvas to paint for the bedroom and I am patient with that.

I’ve also made some very small updates to my ‘About’ page at the top of the blog and I am just thrilled with my emojis! ☺️😊🙏

Today I will do laundry 🧺 and choose a poem of mine to read on Sunday. 🎤

Sending my warm wishes with the little raindrops in the bright rising sun.



Yesterday: I’ve Failed in My Nature Studies But I Don’t Give Up

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