Sweetly Tipsy and Fully Natural

August 8, 2021

I didn’t know if I’d truly stay off the blog for the moment of rest I’d wanted for the readers, but after I’d mentioned it I thought, I will keep that declared rest. Mid-morning yesterday, I felt my fingers wanting to type up some fast blog post but I let them rest for the time.

The snow-flower stem with new buds didn’t make it. At the time of this photo, I sought some urgent, emergency help (Don’t worry I didn’t call 911 ☺️), but no answer was going to come in in time so I researched myself and found the directions: ‘Trim an inch off the stem and plunge it immediately into boiling water for at least three hours,’ but that didn’t work.

I realized what a thoughtful gift it was for those blossoms at their fullness to be lifted off the stem and arranged beautifully on the table: the importance of perspective. ( ❔👻 💕)

My heart was very warmed by the idea as I’d look at the pressed snow-flower petals in my book in the morning and at night before bed. I learned yesterday it can be a good practice to keep the book with the petals closed for a month to better preserve them. I like how they’d gotten some burnt-umber tones when I’d opened the book before that. I sent kisses to the sky. 😘 😘

Late afternoon before the beach: Study a photo of the map of the world and then eat a snack afterwards—these aren’t strawberries from my plants; those haven’t had more fruit. But these are date and walnut crisps with store-bought strawberries.

This was not done as a fabricated joke for the blog 🙂. I placed Britney in the list hoping she’d show up first in the feed. I know some other followers may be interested in her more body-centered, dance, or fashion pictures, but I am there just for the candid videos where she talks about her life and little dreams for the future like the ‘koi fish pond with the fishies’ 🎏for her house. I also loved the spontaneous trip to Michael’s where she laid down a giant sheet of paper on the floor and was quickly painting in the video, checking the camera view for a moment and then back to the brush and page. I saw some videos deleted a little later 😢. I understand someone has tricks up his sleeve.

A party of one can be fun. But you know there really is no such thing as a party of one.



This weekend, I tried the other beer 🍺 that Dan got which I’d mentioned that I’ll enjoy a few sips from, satisfied, besides Goose Island, and I’m happiest not having a whole glass of my own. The name is ‘Jack’s Abby Blood Orange Wheat Ale’ and I liked the name too and also remarked to him in appreciation that ‘The fizz is right.’ And it is.

Saturday morning, mommy’s tea’s brewing, Peeko’s lounging nearby in the kitchen with his favorite toy he’d secretly brought in and the only toy he’d still play with from when he was a kitten.

Those white crumbs on the floor are Borax that I’d swept away afterwards, not cocaine. ☺️


As for delicious things like fruit and crisps and Sushi (I know I hadn’t mentioned that yet), I also love Pistachio frappes. Not everything has to be green, really nothing itself has to be green either: the very fresh, natural Pistachio frappe I’ve loved is not green but a creamy white with little golden-brown bites, and I drank it sleepily from the beach last night on the just slightly long, and very dreamily soothing car ride home.


I will read a poem of my own today. And Ernest Hemingway’s novel For Whom The Bell Tolls (1940) I’m reading is truly remarkable and the man has really done such good with himself and my opinion of his writing has beautifully renewed itself. It is also a fitting book for our time and the book was sparked by Hemingway’s trip in 1937 to cover the Civil War in Spain for a newspaper.

It has the feel of a man with great wisdom who’s equally lost with experience the over-thinking self-conscious nature that can often plague so many in their early youth. I love that—that sweetly tipsy way of the very free elderly. I kind of feel myself having that true elderly joy too sometimes and also very young at the same time.

Time for tea. 🫖🍃


There are many new people here 🙏: I’ve been visiting your blogs and you may find me among your likes 😊.


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