An Important Note

I was sending my prayers tonight for many things: COVID cases rising, forest fires, Lebanon and ME trouble, and personal friends I’ve not been near.

I sent food with some sales money from my poetry books to Lebanon tonight too in honor of May Ziadeh who loved Lebanon and its countryside and deeply shared her appreciation in her poetry and her great love for humanity. 🙏💗🙏

It is generous in spirit so that’s a good word.

Important: And then I suddenly see there was a fire there on a bus on Aug. 4 2021. I had seen that the anniversary of the explosion was one year that date, that in 2020 brought me news of it and then the announcement of my friend Alexis Johnson’s novel raising money for aid there, but I didn’t know about this fire on the bus on 8/4/21. 😔😪And it would’ve been odd to not mention it with that post.

And so my mostly lighthearted bus ride where I’d suddenly found that Lebanon Granada plaque was not in any way a joke against this as I only found out that news today when I donated! Or my selfie I deleted ‘cause I felt it didn’t contain the fun feeling of arriving in that empty-looking theater and how I’d noticed that police officer had rushed around where I walked just after I’d left the plaque. I apologize if anyone thought there was a joke in that.

Enjoy the night! And I am glad to clear up any confusion. There will be a pause here as I know there’ve been many words shared. And much love.


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