A Photo Walk Inside

And the rest for readers will begin now…

Hi and welcome 😊🙏.

A saltwater floral candle lit on the mantle, a ‘vintage’ Target purchase—most candles last a long time as I don’t light mine so long that it destroys the senses when you were truly just hoping for some soothing relaxation.

Subtly beach antique without any ‘farmer’s tan get your frisbee & baseball cap’ look. ☺️I’d envisioned matching items that were either starfish decor or sea grass and I found them both unexpectedly in these!

Some things you may really not need to replace. You will see it’s not required to spend a ton of money and repeatedly; it’s often a matter of arrangement and personal color preferences that matter more to setting up a place you live that you like looking around yourself.

A rose I brought inside this afternoon not far from home at all. I don’t take home many garden-flowers I find…just wave ‘hello’ to the staff like everyone present including you are a very big deal and all nicely unknown people too…fairy steps out 🧚‍♂️, finds a flower; no one minds😊. Green candle and peach poppy candle I’ve had awhile and the golden glittery rose-centered cross I found on my bedroom floor one recent morning and didn’t know where it had come from ؟😊

Zafu (handwashed and air drying) and zabuton (cover detachable, machine wash & automatic dryer) just cleaned today.

Looking at the trees and sky will keep me restful and occupied for a long while.

A side table in the living room with books: all library books and free for me to grab and go. The bottom Hemingway is going back to the library unread: Another time, my man. And For Whom The Bell Tolls is in progress. 😊✔️

This is the rose up close; it is very much enjoying the high up view and later set down on the round table.

I found this pastel chalk drawing from a Romanian artist on Etsy years ago; fun to find a cool medium like that and a creative still life subject including ‘fresh figs.’ It is a small, pleasing art above the sink with its humble, beautiful tea-in-the-garden set-up and was also humbly priced from a grateful man artist.

My teapot is soaking in boiling water and a few sprinkles of Borax, a once in awhile deeper clean treatment, which is followed by swishing a little with a soft cloth, mild soap, and warm sink water. Great companies may not want you to know that there is ‘Borax’ because it’s inexpensive, natural & safe, and cleans, and can lightly bleach so well.

Pink begonias that look forward to a good storm, strawberry plants, the chair from a local small shop Peeko will pick to sometimes sit and watch the sunrise.

The basil on the small center table’s toppled over-wilted leaves were a great addition to my lunch sandwich today with plant-based deli slices and spinach, and the baby basil sprouts are growing sure and steady.

Do you see that? 😮 There are new strawberries! ‘Uh oh!’ 🎶

I love this new blanket I’d found, also inexpensive and soft for the Queen-sized bed. I will paint the big canvas I had gotten to hang above the bed when I am ready with an idea I’d like. I’d wanted to emphasize pure simple white with a neutral look and then have the accent of the blanket’s texture and new golden pillow…and the wall art when complete.

It is nice to move between visual art & design and words, and I’ve found this was a very good thing to do today along with some cleaning and laundry.

My poetry books on lower shelf, I add new books over time, far left are the literary magazines that had published my art & creative writing & I was on the staff for some years at Brooklyn College. The newest books are up front with Rumi. My Grandma Rose crocheted that tea cup to the right sometime in the early- mid-1900s most likely.

Fiction, many good & literary novels, and I want to reread the Harry Potter again sometime in the undetermined future as I remember them being pretty intricate and maybe some books ‘done well.’ The book on the upper shelf, far right may sometimes be lifted out to kiss a page and then set back!

Books are not necessarily utilitarian things but you see that laundry detergent bottle through the door is, and it belongs in the photo!

Books top right shelf new cabinet finds & independent collection! All books on the very top left shelf are Dan’s that I don’t read and actually don’t wish to get rid of without him saying to, even if he doesn’t read them either. They’re just comfortably out of my reach. It’s okay too that he’d say he didn’t read really but would get certain books for himself at times: (you never know in life!)

Yes I bought myself a kid’s toothbrush. The dental hygienists were telling me I was glazing over places with brush ‘tho no cavities and offered to sell me their electric toothbrush. I asked the method those brushes use so I could do it with my manual one (intrigued.) They weren’t impressed with the question and didn’t tell me. 😅 I bought a pack of nice quality kids toothbrushes (& not expensive) the day after and tried one to find it was nicely exact and felt great overall. And an ocean theme.

Sea shells in a decorative dish.

Sail in a boat on a calm sea and set up some natural chairs with umbrellas to lounge away.

A towel hanger Dan found and got ✔️💯and installed. ✔️🔨

Back to the living room.

This has been refreshing; I’ll have red grapes with a new little cup filled with water.

Teapot cleaned and ready: green ‘Sencha,’ black ‘Rumi (named by me)’ tea, milk & honey to taste.

Store some main paint supplies, writing pads, and a pen in two boxes side by side. 😊

I sat and reread my ghazal at around noon today and made some small but needed adjustments, the poem I’d declared done, felt a nudge of ‘don’t read it aloud now’ on Sunday. I was grateful for the eye to notice what I’d wish to rephrase today.


Plant a field of rice, feed people; show the people how to cook rice; feed them for life; let people comfortably online come inside for a pleasant, antique experience through your blog, while you wait for your rice to cook, (cooker just clicks done), & the happiness goes on.—(My own adaptation of an Asian Proverb)

🤗 Good night. 😴


Yesterday: An Important Note

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