A Very Good Secret

I found a garden, but it was a secret.

‘You see this pine tree so ‘small in stature’ that I can almost reach its top? It’s pitiful isn’t it, Bibtee?’ ☺️🧚‍♂️


* * *

I cooked this dinner tonight…a recipe had appeared right up top as I was pressing publish on my ‘toppled over basil plant’s throw-away leaves flung over my balcony, possible ingredients for a Pesto dinner for the guests in heaven, cooked by the guests in heaven’ blog post. And so the heavenly hosts didn’t want to cook that Italian Pesto dinner; no, I would be cooking up the Lebanese meal! 😊

This is a similar recipe I found to the one I saw in the feed, got the idea of the fruit preserve from my friend who shared the other recipe. There were many larger jar preserves to pick from and I wanted to pick the next time with purpose, so I just took off the shelf at the store this little jar of apples and blueberries for babies!

It is a very loving first pick too as the poet May Ziadeh might’ve called me ‘Baby’ as an endearing joke between us since I am technically 100 years younger than she is, as she was born in Feb. 1886, but you see, heaven’s time becomes adult agelessness.

These are ‘Meat Stuffed Pitas, Lebanese Arayes’ lightly fried in extra virgin olive oil and I put in my own, just a little, diced yellow summer squash, will share recipe link at the end of the post.

And a photo with my blueberry-apple baby fruit and Greek yogurt dipping. (I’ll pick another preserve, maybe fig or cherry, now that I know the taste, but this fruit glaze is nice too.) ☺️

I am glad I was suddenly reminded to cook this food as I’d done so first last year with a randomly found kousa at a market, asked farmer what it was; it was dripping so much on the plates when cooked, and before that, I was truly proud of a ‘Chicken Shawarma’ that was actually not one, and I should’ve known better having had that meal from a restaurant; I shared that wrongly-named Turmeric meal which photoed terribly that I was told after, ‘Make it again.’ So I did and I forgot to find more recipes.

It was extra cuddly to cook from a recipe as I’ve only cooked my own recipes unwritten recently or ones I’d cooked for awhile and adapted.

And this meal tasted so much like the greatest grandmother cooking it for me in the kitchen and folding a napkin to place beside my plate too…and it was me! 💗🧚‍♂️😊

I think you might like to make it too, if you do so please. If you like cinnamon, you might like to add plenty; I did and recommend that. 😊

Recipe: https://feelgoodfoodie.net/recipe/meat-stuffed-pitas/


Mentioned: A Short Story by May Ziadeh Read Today, author of Fleurs de Rêve (1911).


Earlier: How about you, Orpheus? 😉

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