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A Morning So New

Here in my new spot to sit with tea in the living room on a morning with sun—tilt the chair beside the window, set down the cup upon the tea towel on the side table and be in the light. It’s a very sleepy morning, but a beautiful one anyway.

The sky, how it looked yesterday at dawn.

I wrote a new prose poem by pen on paper yesterday and then a ‘lyon’ guarded it soon after. Peeko enjoys poetry and became very worked up to see one in the making by hand just finished and was letting me know just in case not to take it away before he had proofread it. ✏️✔️

I know some people joke that their pet should get a job because they may be secretly jealous of their luxuriously lazy life but Peeko has many skills and would be great as a project manager; he is punctual and will stand right next to something out of place. I would recommend it because he’d very likely enjoy the sense of accomplishment.


Last night, I’d smelled a scent of gas in the air at home lingering there and was also feeling sleepier, so I stepped out into the hallway and back in my apartment, looked up the gas company # and the direction to call 911 first and left. I went to the complex office business room with my key and a thunderstorm began as I got in and I’d arrived in my pajamas. 🙏😊

Peeko was brought there in his carrier just after; he didn’t like getting rained on a little or being transported, but once Dan set him down with me in that room he relaxed more and liked looking at the raindrops on the window from inside his carrier as the storm soon passed.

This is how it looked when the raindrops had dried upon the window, with some plum and blush in the late evening sky and a reflection of the light in the room.

The fire fighters and gas company had determined there were higher levels of Carbon Monoxide than should be, coming from the old oven (that can be common with these older ovens they told Dan.) And so always call 911 & gas company if you smell the gas scent even if you or others don’t realize it’s an emergency.

Gratefully the levels were not toxic, air cleared, oven turned off by them to be replaced. We were told this could’ve started slightly before and then became noticeable; I am glad I got my first Lebanese meal in just in time! and there will be tea today—my kettle is electric. 🫖☕️

It was a very creative and renewing time in that business room with the residents’ packages; I found then two more sudden photo ideas to match my ‘Not My Door’ photo pair.

‘Not My Desk’


But the other things are mine except the package. I’d brought that cup with me from home, a new small glass that pleases me with its size and decorative look.

And now the cup is filled! from the automatic water fountain in the hallway with its cup detecting sensor.

‘Not My Desktop’


A little danger was passed so sweetly through. I will enjoy a plum as it is early morning with the bright sun shining from the center of the sky on its path higher, and plums are a top favorite fruit of mine; the strawberries are growing, one newly red just today.


Tomorrow’s poetry reading I’m co-hosting: From Boston to Oz


Yesterday: A Very Good Secret

How about you, Orpheus? 😉

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