Looking Up into Heaven, Not Leaving Yourself Behind

an artwork I’d come across last year


Tea with God and many and you. 🙂


A song for today’s Catholic Feast Day: The Assumption of Mary into Heaven, with elaborate layers of prayerful lyrics, harmony, dynamics, and meditative, acoustic instrumentation.

I find myself moved too, calmly and as if in a time, lifting upward with the trails of scented incense ribbons leading the way and then sinking down in adoration onto a blanket draped across the grounding stone, candles flickering in rhythm. 🙂 🙂

John Michael Talbot – Hail Mary


Another to listen so brightly in the morning sun 🎶

Daughters of St. Paul – I Am Thine


Rose petals beside me in the sun and shadows of my hair


At midnight: Two

Yesterday: Morning in Boston, Night in Australia, A Multi-National Online Poetry Reading

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