Another Word on Another Herb, and More

I have aimed to not write too many posts in one day for readers’ enjoyment, but will write a second if it’s a sort of timely occasion like this. And I’ll tell myself, ‘Put the blog down’ and I do. ☺️

I was glad when Dan came home today and mentioned he’d not gone to a store he’d planned then and was not able to return my books to the library and was fine with dropping them off tonight and I’d go in. This was better because The Faery Queene 📗was just strengthened with my last day glueing I told of in my previous post ‘Off and On Its Way, The Faery Queene and two Hemingways.’ I was happy to open it hours later to find it stronger than ever and placed it directly on the returns desk for the attendants.


I’d also noticed my water canteen, my smaller one, now makes a cute sound effect when I drink from it. I remembered some time ago Dan said jokingly I reminded him of a hummingbird. 🤔I said, ‘No I’m a fairy.’ 🧚‍♂️He said, ‘No, a hummingbird.’ And then I noticed my water canteen making a sound like a hummingbird a second when I drank from it, and again each time. 😊


I’ve written of mental health and wellness at times and I’ve also written of a few herbs. I want to make a recommendation that if you’re trying new herbs or taking medicine to be aware that these can interact and herbal medicine can also have different effects which someone you trust professionally can help you with. Personally, I like herbs like basil for myself and drink ‘tea’ like green and black, and find these have positive effects for my physical and mental health.

I was pretty persuaded hearing some wellness writers in the past favor in bold letters herbal tisanes over caffeinated tea but I find my loose leaf to be great, and I am not affected personally by the caffeine, which is lower than a cup of coffee, and green tea tends to have less caffeine than black even if it’s not a set, exact measurement in every type of tea everywhere.

And I am pretty high energy naturally, green tea or not, even when I wake up in the morning. But I’d liked the idea of drinking herbs as if it was a secret way of peacemaking on earth and for the earth, as if I’d sit by a window and look out at my spot of earth and flowing grass-fields like, ‘I can pick this fresh herb for tea…and maybe that one tomorrow…’ as I am sitting with a patchwork quilt handmade for me and draped over my shoulders like I am on the way to making lasting peace with wild animals and the animals with each other and nature’s cycles with my herbal tisanes picked and steeping in the pot…’

So I bought fresh quality roses for tea because I’d liked the scent of roses even more than the taste and I’d like that memory years ago of weeping warmly while drinking the rose tea. When I drank my first cup the other week, it shut me up so well I figured if I’m talking too much to people who don’t need to hear it and I get tired and they maybe have a clock to be aware of, this will work well.

I’d drank it three times that week with same effect, but after the calm came my normal speech and creativity, and then later, a feeling of being apart from the room and the world and life I’m currently in like someone locked me in that room in a realm apart from it all, and I couldn’t just get out. This was pretty consistent with the drinks and I hadn’t had anything like this before.

People may talk of Benzos prescribed for anxiety and their negative effects; this is a side of them that can be sadly true. I had them prescribed emergency-wise after my hospitalization in 2020, and they were given to take me out of a moderately severe catatonic state (numbness of emotions, unable to express oneself and answer simple questions) and can take someone out of psychosis, and I’m not currently taking the medicine and was weaned off it, but after that feeling of being shut away I thought to take that Benzo I have for emergencies, and it took me out of that separate realm feeling in a little while whereas otherwise it wasn’t passing quickly as it hadn’t in other drink moments. So I stopped drinking the roses (they had been prescribed in history for mood and emotions, especially for those without emotion, so I considered this could’ve been the interaction I’d felt and I have lots of healthy emotions currently.) I talk of this experience for anyone’s safety or curiosity of different herbs’ effects on different people and personal states or compositions.

I also like just buying tea (rather than extra spending on drinks more secondary) and I’ve appreciated roses in different ways recently in my life. 🌹

I found it funny when I saw that Britney Spears has mentioned a ‘Project Rose’ of hers and I don’t know what it is. But I enjoy mysteries anyway and I also didn’t copy her as I’d been noticing roses on my own before I saw it. 😊

The other night I woke a moment and saw she’d had new posts and is free!, including a video of tiny elephants playing in a meadowland, and that was nice to see as I fell back to sleep. 😴


When I speak of practical things, I like to mention that I am good at grocery shopping. I can buy a good Rotilini, and I can buy the same-weighed amount for two dollars less than if I buy the bite-sized package, and I don’t inconvenience myself for tiny savings or if something I prefer, but I am fine with cutting this food and it’s something soft I can slice easily or even bite if I want to. 💵


I practiced my Arabic lessons today 😊📝✔️and in a few minutes it will be time for yoga.

I received two replies to poetry submissions: the first was a rejection ❌. I was glad because after I read those few poems again thinking to send them right off elsewhere I noticed revisions I’d wanted including a new title for one, and I’d found these changes really improved them. I thought they were done then, but I like them much better now.

The second reply was for my two most recent poems, and they were accepted for publication! ✔️😊💗🙏😊 I am also planning to read in the future. 📖

I see someone’s had dinner and has already beat me to yoga! I know I’d mentioned he has a lot of skills.


And the moon. I haven’t seen it in awhile. I lost track of its path; I see now it’s in Sagittarius. 🔥😊🌓

Earlier today: Off and On Its Way, The Faery Queene With Two Hemingways

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