Off and On Its Way, The Faery Queene With Two Hemingways

Notes added on 8/17

Along with The Faery Queene Book I by Edmund Spenser I’d fully read, I decided to return For Whom The Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway partly read because it is a great book with depth I’d found most noticeably, but I’d also veered off events and newly introduced characters awhile. I wish to give my more full attention at a different time; now doesn’t feel the time and not in just three more days when the book’s due, so it has been returned with The Sun Also Rises. I am glad I’d been reminded of how I’d liked a short story by Ernest Hemingway in college and will pick this one up again at a more fitting reading time.

I gave The Faery Queene a good amount of extra glueing this morning with the directions I’d followed on the glue bottle—set a timer for 30 minutes and apply pressure (to the spine). I held it in my left hand: breakfast was ready, spoon in my right hand, book in the other, and I held it as I read back a few of my newly revised poems until the timer rang.

I just took this farewell picture at the top of the post with the book before it was off to go back to the library.

The thought came to me that a person’s spouse could maybe need their hand secured this way and the spouse might be like, ‘That’s too long just let it fall off.’ ❌(That x is for the healthy-handed spouse, not the other or their hand.)

This a strong book with a new start and I sent it off with love. I realized it was 60 yrs of age already at my birth, but it’s still like a baby I cared for. 📗😊🍼✔️

I’d read through Margaret Atwood’s book which I’d mentioned in my post ‘A Fairy Might’ve Wandered In…’ When I read the title as I’d picked it off the shelf in a quick moment of time constraints, I was glad I didn’t see the book’s full title to include in that bus ride post with the Lebanese plaque and storming police officer that later on I’d clear up how I was not aware of or making fun of at all in the tragic fire on the bus in Lebanon that day 😢that I’d not mentioned in it. That book, Margaret Atwood’s Morning in the Burned House contained a handful of poems I’d really enjoyed but wasn’t my pick overall. It made me think to try her novels though at some point.

يI’ve newly sent off completed poems. I think I know what book I’ll read next. ☺️But not yet deciding brought me a subtle smile and very slight breathlessness. (Next note: Not sure how that ‘ay’ got there 🙂.)

Now: Walk outside. Later in the day: meal plan, list, food shopping. Tonight: yoga, looking forward to more of this as I’d been swept away recently by many things that had come up, including writing my life. After lunch, I will do ‘my lessons,’ that is learning Arabic, and I am upping the time with my studies as this new week begins. 😊

Have a good day! And my newest grown strawberry in a long time looks like it will be ripe tomorrow.


Important Note: I know there’s been mention of fire with the random poetry book title I’d taken off the library shelf written of here and my own gas oven emergency and my own mention of my bus adventure in this post of that news I hadn’t known then: I am now notified of a great fire gasoline explosion in Lebanon on 8/15 this late news I received now, not meant in this post, as I didn’t know about it when I wrote it, and I am sorry and send my prayers to anyone hurt or from afar. 😢🙏


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