It’s Tuesday: Get Your Coffee Cup

Well, it’s Wednesday now…but it wasn’t yesterday, when I was writing this. 😊

Today is Tuesday and I realize it would’ve been the day of May Ziadeh’s literary salon in Cairo which began in 1912. The sky was blushing this morning a moment after I woke as you can see in the first photo and then azure and then a little blush returned in the second photo at the top of this post.

Isis Copia was her pen-name.

I had found a few Britney songs for the ‘Music for May’ playlist and sometimes I may place the list on shuffle, so May can pick a song if she wants, but doesn’t have to of course. I felt her really impressed and amused by Britney’s British accent song, ‘Work *****’ and it would come on sometimes more than one time on a Monday morning. She seemed so into the end part too: ‘🎶Work…Work…Work…’🎶I was thinking, ‘I wouldn’t think to recommend Britney Spears to her personally as a top recommendation; I feel like there’s a joke maybe or something I don’t know.’ And then I happened to come across this article by May yesterday.

See that! ‘Work, work, work.’ 😅

And I feel heaven really has such great jokes! Have you gotten any?

I have found such new, lively faith that is much more interesting, loving, and fully healing without the view of flat, fixed, undanceable heavenly hosts.

I also agree with the whole article, a great one on JSTOR (you can make a free account even if not a student and search topics), and at May’s salon, the guests would discuss ideas and beliefs like these and other thoughts, including local and international news, and she would moderate the discussion, if it became too heated or combative, and they may also have talked of what they were reading or writing over cups of coffee ☕️ and/or rose syrup. 💐And I may be going to the salon myself today.

I make this blog like a newspaper, a 21st century one, and interactive. Now it is time for breakfast and my plants have been watered, and my newest strawberry is ripe today! I will photo it before I lift it off its stem and share it with you. 😊🍓


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