A Capricorn Moon upon Gibran

Yesterday’s middle post, ‘Clouds and a Light Drizzle…’ linked at the end, has now been fixed to show featured image.

I don’t think Gibran has had an actual moon on the blog, and unplanned by me the Lebanese Pitas were requested again, and I cooked the dinner again falling on the Capricorn moon of Gibran’s birth, well, maybe birthday.

Here’s an anecdote I read that I’d like to trash: some biographer in a grim, serious tone analyzed his artwork and concluded in more formal words than these, ‘Every time he draws a woman he knows, he draws a portrait of his mother’ and then determined ‘he was a highly spiritual man who only loved his mother and wanted to be with her and that was it.’

❌ That’s the type of psychology and psychology of art comment I don’t really like myself. It sounds like they are subtly making an Italian son joke while not joking enough (and my ancestry 🙂) since other biographers might’ve recounted him immersed in Italian artistries as a young man and also enjoying people he’d meet in Boston thinking he was Italian and asking him if he was.

And I’d say, maybe the women in person off the paper physically looked similar to his mother? But it doesn’t make them all identical copies of his mother.

I will share a more fun fact: one of his first jobs was modeling and he found himself to be successful; the photographer was glad and would say, ‘You’re a really handsome man!’ And he’d say, ‘You think so?’ And it boosted his confidence.


If Peeko finds something of high enough quality, he will model for it. And I picked the plum flavor because last time I made this and the old oven was done then and it was a hectic night, the next peaceful, sleepy morning I had a plum!

And there’s a fairy name like me too that I didn’t notice ‘til now.😊🧚‍♀️Maybe some fairies like ones flying around outside the ‘Hermitage’ with the candles…or not…


The Pitas; better cooked longer this time with a light char and great crispiness—Sugar Plum jam and Greek yogurt…and the other spices like parsley and cinnamon, and summer squash stir-fried with beef in the pockets.

The moon will be full this weekend in Aquarius😊🙏🌕🌝and I’ll be away from the blog a little off in the distance and will begin there, to return again as new moon phases are coming to us all. I think that sounds pretty fun. ☺️🌖🌗👑🧚‍♂️😊


Talking with Peeko about his own manners is the right term. He was so well-mannered today and when I’d remarked to him encouragingly ‘You have such high class manners,’ he posed like this for a quick, warmth and elegance postcard of appreciation to you.




Earlier today: Clouds and a Light Drizzle, Some Small Finds Upon the Grass

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