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The Queen’s Full Moon…From a Fairy of the East Coast to Bring Some Fun When a Storm’s A’Coming

August 22, 2022

Science Experiment Conclusion: My hypothesis was wrong; it actually is harder to hold a strength pose while someone’s yelling obscene insults, even if it’s just Nicki Minaj artistically in a song. (Glad for the wall 😊)But I can still practice seated poses and relaxation in the meanwhile, ‘tho other songs of hers are better for yoga. And it’s not her moon tonight, but it is Aquarius.

I finished the book of poems, A Few Figs From Thistles (1920), again, 💗 to you from Edna St. Vincent Millay (b. 1892), fellow East Coast Pisces Poet writing up that great book, brief review to come!

If you’re confused, I am a 🧚‍♀️ ‘tho, a queen👑 ?… 🤔No. 💗😊

 …Love, do good, use your soul 
In the service of Beauty; 
Your life will be its holy and sweet flame Lighting up the tomb…
Springs, recognize me! 
I kiss your shoulders, 
(Soft touch!) who carry my dreams,  
weeping like willows, 
Towards the blue horizons! 
An inner cry that never ends  
slips on my emotions, 
"A wing of youth and love lifts me up" And brings me to You!

—May Ziadeh 👑💕

Fleurs de Rêve (1911)

(I hadn’t read this yet when I titled my own poetry book, A Little Honey Sweetens The Flame (2021).😊

Update 😯: And this morning I find out, that quote May places in her poem “A wing of youth and love lifts me up” is her take on a poem titled ‘Hymn of Heavenly Love’ by the author Edmund Spenser; remember that name, dear reader? He’s the author of The Faery Queene! Now… that is the way to end this post! 🌺👑

~* Sending blessings to wherever you are ~*


A Hymn of Heavenly Love’ by Edmund Spenser

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