You May Now Have a Strawberry and Hand-Picked Poetry

6:32 pm: Tuesday’s note actually appears

There it is, the strawberry I’d offered you that is now ripe and ready to eat; the plants are safely secured, not swinging in a possible storm, and it happens to have two other surprise strawberries with it to ripen later—Here, enjoy it!

And this is my review I’d offered you too for a poetry book just reread: A Few Figs From Thistles (1920) by Edna St. Vincent Millay:

What would I write about these poems? They just are and the book is more than plenty. And I love that I could read these poems with meter and her own new traditional sonnets, rich mythology and fairy scenes, with the punch of fresh and classy sarcasm, in the afternoon and before bed, and the poet would be writing them up way past my bedtime, which tends to be earlier than most, including my dear poet ghosts. And I could read another poem when I wake at sunrise while she happens to be sleeping in a little in her house Upstate NY. 🙂 Edna may reference places away from there too like in Europe, and a biographer noted she knew six languages, which are English, French, Latin, Spanish, Italian, and two people have considered possibly German as the sixth language she knew, including myself. This is a slim book with plenty of interest. They may not have quality figs at my supermarket each week but these poems way older are as fresh as ever.


I’ve enjoyed her poetry of a person that also reaches something of the universal.

The moon is in my sign of Pisces now and I’d forgotten to include that at first, a very Pisces thing to do. ☺️Happy Moon, Edna and me!


Now it is nighttime and little raindrops have dripped down the window, the leaves and trees greener than ever in the darkening light of a storm’s leave-taking.

I went outside to pick your strawberry, but accidentally picked all three when I’d tried to pick the ripe one carefully. The two not yet ripe will probably just rot but I will keep them. This actually isn’t a joke; I am a patient student of nature. 🥺☺️🍓


A Glimpse into Tuesday: Wow, Tuesday’s note hadn’t published earlier, my apologies! but it is here now. The blog’s About page is now up to date. And now also begins that long-awaited, actual rest for the readers…


Saturday’s post: The Queen’s Full Moon…From a Fairy of the East Coast to Bring Some Fun When a Storm’s A’Coming

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