A Little Joy To Share and What’s Made Me Smile

The blush of dawn has been put back into the blog as you’d maybe seen.

And the moon had been in many posts and is in the dawn now too as you can see, also yesterday, other side of sky.


I found that my cat Peeko’s dry food wasn’t right that I’d been getting on Amazon and I replaced it with the same one from the Petco store. The food smells very good now; I had soaked the storage container in soap and water from the other one.

He is more awake, affectionate, and sociable since then.

He had been smiling at me like ‘Thank you for troubleshooting my food, Mommy.’

But don’t try to touch that belly; he will make it appear like you can but he will snap at you if you try to and to add some confusion in, he may wink at you after.

People can be lame or cold now I know, but I made my own, in a moment’s thought, maintenance-free, poor man’s fish-tank! Lifting the lid the bubbles got bigger and water stirred. I just dropped in those unripe strawberries I thought I’d just throw away that I’d picked accidentally along with the strawberry I’d promised you.

And between earth and heaven, there’s plenty of fun. People may be cold or lame now, but these strawberries are swimming!

This beauty hushes me and brings a gentle smile to my face. I may breathe in the scent and kiss a flower I pass by and walk away with a little rain on my nose and face to brush away.


I had an emergency that recent night before with a gas leak in my oven that was an older one, woke with gratitude and had a plum that morning before breakfast, and then went out for an ice cream trip, afterwards thinking… ‘If this is a celebration, then why not go to the library?’

And I found I was approaching the Common not realizing that it was on the way ‘tho my sense of direction hasn’t been so fine in my life, and I decided I’d rather go there for the free book cabinet and a book I could keep if I wanted, and not check my path with ‘Maps’ to the library, a better idea.

I found a book there, looking new and smelling so freshly printed even without me breathing it in intentionally, and I had missed it the first time that moment as I’d browsed through the cabinet. After I put right back a very scribbled in copy of another classic Tess of the D’Urbervilles, I got this book, The Lost Girl, which was published in 1920 by D.H. Lawrence during the thriving time of May Ziadeh’s literary salon. As she’d read English authors, this one could’ve been among them, maybe even discussed then, and so it felt hand-picked for me by heaven and amused me; here’s the summary:

‘Uh oh!’ 😅 🎶It also is just the book I should read right now as I like a well-spaced, well-planned daily calendar and the same with reading. I’d been reading more general life/world complex literary classics and this is a classic too by an author I hadn’t even read myself with breezy prose and still meaningful-theme reading, and with a playfulness and youthfulness that feels very natural and interesting.

On a separate note, I know I’ve shied away from cringy writing yet I’d also done similar in cringy writing myself I am teasing, where the author’s writing the story like, ‘Look, I’m a kid now…Pow! Oh no, I sowwy, Mommy.’


As I started reading The Lost Girl, which I am pretty well into, I noticed right away that I appear in the book myself as the main character! 😅And I was laughing when I got to this part about Italy and thought, Hmm so where’s this man from in Italy? Maybe the North… or South? 😊

And it is the city my ancestors are from! I love these jokes…But I will save any others for when I share the book in a reflection/review (and I won’t spoil the plot either).

And some blush to close the day in the sunset sky (and placed in my cheeks and lips too).

My hair’s the same, but in a 1900s -1920s updo style inspired by a photo.


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