In 2021, I Just Happened to Find a Dance to Take Us into 1921

Grandma Shirley knew about this free dance gathering with a band, including especially good Swing music, and as she’d practiced ballroom and line dancing before and I hadn’t, I asked her if she wanted to dance to this song.

I don’t have dance lesson experience or knew the dances they were doing but it wasn’t a performance and anyone could join, so up to the dance floor we went as this song really got me up and off my seat.

Later on, I’d realized that Swing music became popular in the 1920s, a theme on the blog with the first poet introduced, Edna St. Vincent Millay holding poetry readings in the ‘20s in NYC that were ‘like rock concerts’ with audience members overwhelmed with excitement and screaming ‘Encore!’ And then at the same time in Cairo, Egypt, May Ziadeh might not have been Swing dancing there herself, but she was well aware of the world culture while moderating discussions of literature and philosophy of the present time at her diverse, thriving Tuesday literary salon at her house, which was modeled after the ones in the earlier 1700s and 1800s in Europe while keeping their Eastern culture. They would intend to share the rewards of the past and antique times along with the present time (like this blog.)

Another artist and author I’ve shared often is Kahlil Gibran, from the same part of the world as May and was living in NYC around this time like Edna but I don’t know for sure if he was up for dancing. And as for the novel I’m reading I’d come across at a free library cabinet this month, the English author D.H. Lawrence, who had a very similar lifespan to Kahlil Gibran, wrote it, and since Swing dancing came to Europe too, he could’ve been on the dance floor himself. (More about the novel, The Lost Girl when I finish it.)

Either way, it was great to join this welcoming gathering and I was happy that Grandma Shirley was helping to teach me some basics right on the spot among the very skilled elderly dancers in the middle of this lively Swing Jazz song.

Dan was amused and ready to record it, so here’s a short clip of Big Band Swing dancing in 2021 near the beach in MA, music that started in the 1920s and went on into the 1940s, with this newer one:

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