A Peek into My Day Without A Key or Surveillance Camera

Last chance library trip, success! I had the quick idea to go to the library for some poetry and novels to take off the shelf that hour Friday afternoon, and as I got to the library I saw a sign on the door that they’d be closed on the weekend and Monday for Labor Day, and realized that would be how it would go, and was glad I got there then.

I found this stack of newer books to take home just in time. You can see which books are there and upcoming, like peeking into a mostly open room not your own yet no one’s stopping you; the top one is my own book, short stories Flying Carpets by Hedy Habra (author of Tea in Heliopolis, which I hosted a free giveaway for on the blog in June.)

During the first days of my self-declared vacation, I’d had to wait for maintenance to come a few days for a couple of repairs. I realize why maintenance workers either love me or hate me; it’s because if they are called to my apartment to fix something, they may happen to become my son for the day, no matter the age.

I am not condescending towards them, but I may help hold a door open 🧚‍♂️or find ways to be accommodating and some may wish to flex their muscles after they leave and are out of sight, just to check.

And then if they come back often as everything broke in my apartment this year (maybe accurate planning of manufacturer) with familiarity, over time, they begin to grow up, and then we become adult siblings. 😊


This weekend, I was finally able to add another beer 🍺to my list of beers that I may like to take a few sips from: it was a Pumpkin one with a brown sugar rim, but I can’t remember its official name, something with ‘Pumpkin’ 😯; 🎃it is now one of the three preferred, among Goose Island IPA and Jack’s Abbey Blood Orange Wheat Ale.


There are posts to come as the weeks continue, including one video post I thought to do in June and is still on the way to appear at the natural time.

I was happy when my old dishwasher could dry again ‘though it didn’t make it as it wasn’t rinsing well, that I’d found the joy of washing dishes by hand, felt I hadn’t given myself the chance to experience this before with dishwashers, as it was like the ideal bubble bath that I’d request with just my hands, warm water, and a gentle soap. But I don’t turn down technology just because, I appreciate a working dishwasher too.


This morning, I will lounge with rain clouds and the morning sun gleaming through to break into full sun, with a very new dishwasher swishing with the sound of gently rapid, wind-turned ocean waves in autumn, and with the same eager excitement of myself when I am telling about last chance library takings, a new painting I’ve begun, or the love of heavenly ghosts.


Yesterday: The Lost Girl 📕(a rare photo included)


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