The Little Pieces of Wisdom I Treasure Which May Be Made of Tissue Paper

Why would I need great wealth when the library is so much fun? 

Let me have a few clothes hangers to detangle after a just neatened closet wardrobe.

Let me find the empty clothes hangers taking up extra room one by one, and then set them apart one by one, and close the door…go out of the room, come back in, flip on the closet light, open the door, step inside, look around at everything anew; if there’s a hanger I missed, I’ll grab it and set it apart with the others, and then step back and admire everything. 

I know that the completely perfect retreat day I used to expect is actually not coming. It is good to realize this, as I kneel to pick up small pieces of a very dry clean tissue from off the closet floor, which I’d accidentally washed in the pocket of my jeans: I stopped waiting for the perfect retreat day, so I am not as stressed with that expectation; there’s plenty of fun and somethings very restful in between.

I find this reminder again the next week, when again I kneel on the floor to pick up a couple of more pieces of dried up tissue from the last load of laundry to be hung up, that have come falling out of a richly colored top I haven’t worn yet, that I just put on, as the sole of my foot catches another tiny piece of tissue to drag along.

But I notice right away that my closet looks so beautiful and I can easily see all the clothes I’ve already had—maybe even more beautiful than the Merry Go ‘Round, and so spacious and nicely stationary.




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