Surprise Mascot and A Return to Daily Life

In my first Blog Show video, I planned to talk about how I don’t know anything about football or care for it (although I’ve requested quick crash courses to just fail) for no planned reason, but the topic didn’t come up. I didn’t know the Patriots would be here yesterday evening at a free outdoors music performance, but the Mascot showed up at our table (who I’d not known existed ’til then) and took Dan’s camera for a quick selfie of us.

I was glad to see the skilled photo he took captured two things I’d hoped it would also include—Sushi (I’d written of very briefly, this one is Rainbow and enjoyed with chopsticks); Dan taught me how to use chopsticks during our dating days, and that is one of the hall of fame beers he has, one of three I will sip from—“Blood Orange Wheat Ale.”

I thought these mirrors were interesting in this shop and wanted to see the new longer jeans I got for heels with their extra durable, still stretch feel (Short, instead of Very Short) and came in time for my self-declared vacation’s end—back to my language lessons Monday 😊, self-guided on Duo Lingo. That’s not a real man up high behind me, but wall art.

And Uh Oh! I ended up in a blue-lit mirror. My Blog Show yesterday afternoon linked at post end will mention the joke of ‘matching colors,’ and blue comes in.


Previously: My Blog Show


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