‘Auntie Jade’

Here I am today with my niece, Brinley, my first niece!

This is Dan’s sister, Lauren, and our brother-in-law, Brett’s daughter.

She was born on May 20th, 2021.

One night before she was born, I woke a moment and thought, it will be fun to read her a bedtime or nap-time story sometime in the future.

In this photo she was born that week, and this was the first time I held a newborn infant. As soon as she was placed in my arms, she went right to sleep, warmly and contently.

Me, Brinley, her mom Lauren, and a reflection of her dad, Brett.

This was taken at her first fourth of July party with cousins, and she had the greatest silly faces to make at me then.

She thought her Uncle Dan was cool. And she loves watching TV, a football game was on for her today.

She appreciates humor and smirked when I asked her if her Uncle Dan is “smart” or “kind of smart.”

I love her sunny yellow outfit and elegant white flower, and she thought it was a good idea when I said I would like to place a flower in my hair, too.


And…then I will be an aunt again! My sister Jenna and my brother in law, Wally are having a baby boy due the day after my birthday! In February. And this boy’s already getting his dance moves ready.


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