The Moon and Surprise Live Violin Music

July 23, 2022: I heard a song that reminded me of this video and moment.

I also heard that these are scams as they are not actually playing the music. I gave them my money; I would give it anyway. Why?—Because they played it for me and I loved it, I said.

September 13, 2021: The moon beside the window before it moved on or a cloud moved in for the darkness that brings deep, satisfying rest.

I was so surprised to hear another live electric violinist, this time by the supermarket where I’d never seen any performers, and I really loved this song I videoed, complimented the playing and quickly gave a tip, as I was leaving the store later than usual, having gone ‘round and ‘round awhile in denial that there might not be plums, a staple food of mine, until I found them.

If you recognize this song, let me know or what type of music this might be.


There is a star in the sky so bright it might be a planet I cannot identify. If I was going to give it a name I would call it the North Star or maybe Venus. It is soft enough that I will gaze upon it before bed, and now give you plenty of rest, quietness, and good silence.


Monday: Almost Autumn

Starting The Week with A Heart Back Intact and Plenty of Soulful Imaginings

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