What If?

I am in darkness trying to see the moon… I look up and it’s there, get my camera ready as it’s glimmering as a gold slice, and then behind a cloud it goes with perfect off-timing for me, so that I sit here (Am I sitting? Not really) with no photo.


Britney Spears, whose spontaneous, creative interior self- and current dreams posts I’ve enjoyed, deleted her Instagram account maybe today, and ’tho it could be necessary to help her plans with the conservatorship, at the time I felt like deleting mine too.




But the moon knows what it’s doing, behind the clouds now, as it made me realize I’d like to write words. Pictures aren’t wrong at all but words feel like they’ve been less in focus for me with such photos I’ve taken and have delighted in, look as if there’s only words even if there’s more to this.

A short sentence is not always superior to a long sentence just as the long sentence doesn’t outdo the short as a foolproof standard. This isn’t something I plaster on any writing, yours or even my own—disagree, agree, I will still be here; feel free to make typos naturally.

The moon has shown me what is best for me, to type some words in the dark on my cushions for a poem, place the cloud over my lips. How about you? What if you started writing…now…


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2 responses to “What If?”

  1. […] I just wrote this new poem that’s untitled now, as it’s calmed me, and I hadn’t begun with any traditional form: What keeps me awake tonight at first I thought was only the crickets perfecting their love songs to which I wish I could say— I don’t like them! But what about the women? maybe they think these are what they need to hear, as the miniature glitter and sparkle of so many constellations set into sheet music come alive, in a quiet way— But it’s been my own choices That feel like half-choices— Life—What has been my part in it? What little could I do better? I haven’t hung my dream catcher; I wouldn’t keep you long. It is not all about the crickets now; I hadn’t heard them awhile, maybe, and I don’t wish to hear the sound of my own music only. Earlier: What If? […]


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