“Within the Longest Hour of the Night”

I began this poem last night, Tuesday and wrote a full draft this morning. I hadn’t picked a traditional form to try to write in, but some end line repetitions and couplets with some internal rhyme reminded me of a ghazal poem.

Within the Longest Hour of the Night

What keeps me awake tonight
at first I thought
was only the crickets perfecting
their love songs 
to which I wish I could say—
I don’t like them! 
But what about the women?
Maybe they think these are 
just what they need to hear,

as the miniature glitter and sparkle
of so many constellations 
set into sheet music
comes alive, in a quiet way—

But it’s been my own choices
That feel like half-choices—
That I’ve questioned again 
in my own refrain.

Life—What has been my part in it?
What little could I do better?
I haven’t hung my dream catcher; 
I wouldn’t keep you long.

It is not all about the crickets now—
I hadn’t heard them for a while, maybe.

Tonight I don’t wish to hear the sound of my own music only.
But what if you could hear all the words I’d spoken for you, to God only?


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