m* Type it yes I wush it could be back to look where you need to walk nothing else the crown is not doing what the gleam itself does could not exactly help but no hurt when there is little explanaton in that dream last night the sky was noy in and there was wreck all around us yet patient styling w all those booths so the wreckage reflected in mirrors there didn’t ruin the focus which was that spa and us j woild run to it as if it would resolve well good i was seeing you getting out of long line off mirrors oh let me see the way the way what would you do with a stereo that is

This was a therapeutic exercise I created for myself to write quickly and without thinking if what I’d written was right or wrong and without correcting or taking much notice of typos to move right through a difficult feeling in the middle of the night and comforting myself in sharing my thoughts, experience, and a dream. As for the title, I’d just pressed any key to conclude.

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