Felt the Nudge of Intuition and Looked On To Find Some Great Discoveries in My Life

This is a photo of the Italian composer Boccherini and part of my Chamber Classical Music Playlist and Music for May. I was delighted to see we share a birthday on February 19! But his is 1743. I loved his chamber music (music for a small room) like his flute quintets, and that is a face with whom I’d be happy to share a birthday. 😊🙏🎊And the moon’s in Pisces and will be full tomorrow. 🌕

The Arts online event today I mentioned was very enjoyable and I was happy I was able to read my finished ghazal poem this time with some of my own intentionally paced care, and also got to hear some other very creative pieces with an exciting Jungian research presentation to start.

When the new plants that were healthy and thriving got into my hands, they found loving care from me with some research and plenty of waterings, greetings, hugs, blessings, and attention, but included in that was some confusions and plenty of stupidity. 😔🙏

My strawberry plants have withered up after they were suddenly doing better with suddenly producing three strawberries, but I accidentally picked all of them including unripe ones, and they look shriveled and done. 🥺

My richly green organic basil plant revived after it toppled over with my first watering, but now it’s a very yellow-green, and I had snapped a leaf and then another off to chew like I did last year, and it tasted like perfumed poison; I found out from help online that they probably need a fertilizer for better nutrients and a bigger pot for the leaves to taste better.

The begonias that looked happy no matter what mistake might’ve been made began to get heavy in the very center of the pot with full, bright blossoms and looked like it couldn’t hold them up any longer, so after they survived a thunderstorm with some winds, I went out to greet them, embraced them lightly with both arms and lifted them up in a quick firm hug to straighten them, and then, snap! the stem broke and the blossoms and stem fell to the floor. They did seem like they needed a pruning, but maybe it was too firm of an embrace—I was just happy to see them. 🥺🙏

I am not great with nature, but I am learning. I have problem solved many new things including ones I’d begun to tell on my blog show:

a new silky, wide band to tie my hair back feels gentler for my hair and more comfortable, (And I recently trimmed around the edges to make it narrower since it’s a headband, and it was a nice trim, unlike my seamstress work.)

treated my head with coconut oil to heal irritation from tight hair band and it also moisturized my hair as I’d left it on my head overnight to shampoo in morning,

My dishwasher mystery! Kneeling to precisely put less detergent in the cup and no extra loose bits makes cups and dishes come out clean now and no detergent residue on them. I fixed that, not maintenance or the manual—maybe I should be a maintenance man? 😊

And last, big one: researched and found professional sources showing that my maintenance med. should be taken 3 hrs before bedtime, as I’d take it and then go straight to bed to find myself in temporarily bad state of tension mixed with body getting ready for sleep, slurring speech, felt like it was starting physical even if thoughts would match after.

I am following the 3 hr prior suggestion, set daily reminder, and not as if ‘badly’ drunken as before, feeling normal… yet my natural state has always been a little quirky in a naturally tipsy way, so I hadn’t really gotten into looking into that besides mention to Dr. I am glad I am working with my ideas rather than feeling I should accept everything and not try.

I love baby fruit for a snack; I am glad I bought a few jars (and they select ones for sales too 🧾). Today I had for an afternoon snack, a serving of apples, yogurt, oats, and cinnamon, and I have other fruit jars like pears next. This one said stage three, eight months +, so yes ✔️, and a good treat! 😊



A Blush for the Dawn to Match A Poem Later On

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