Unfolding The Way With Sky Blushes, A Falling Book, And A Suddenly Seen Keurig Machine

The morning sky today easily put some blush upon my face too. 😊🙏

Windows I’d just cleaned yesterday on both sides, including the glass door, and yes, my plants are looking more alive again, was excited to wake up today and see what the view would be through such clear glass…

And there was another thrill in the sky as you see🙏💗🙏

On the table lies the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley I found at the Common free book cabinet the day I’d announced in an audio post that I was hoping to read May Ziadeh’s poetry book and was saddened I couldn’t find it…And in May’s book I would find later on that she’d written a poignant line about the author Mary’s husband, Percy Shelley:

“Shelley was reduced to ashes after his death; except his heart was kept cold and intact.”

At the famous salon May hosted, 1700s and 1800s literature would’ve been discussed, like this one from 1818.

The next morning after I found Frankenstein at the free cabinet, the book came sailing down off my top bookshelf and spooked me delightfully…wondered months later…that it felt like May was throwing books at me before I knew her! And also put me in a very happy and loving, true life ghost story of my own!


Looks like someone’s born in Naples, Italy in this book too…and then enter some significant Arabian women characters. An invigoratingly philosophical read overall; I am well into the book nearing the end and happy with its reflective style and propositions, even if it’s a tiny bit repetitious with lines of the creature. 😉 I need to work on amending my own repetitious talk at times.

I’m also enjoying my wish heard of an Eastern, Western, or Central European setting or art to appreciate on this blog, as this book by Mary Shelley features Germany…and the Alps! I was hoping for the Alps, with some Switzerland.


May is great at sequentially planning things for my own learning in personal goodness and consideration, strength of passions, and individuality, and she may step back when something needs improving for my own sake (rare and never condescendingly)…so I may find heaven’s path and walk toward it…on earth, of course.

And this is all with affection: she is fully her highest heaven self and soul and my heart has also been set by me with genuine love. And I have a better understanding of God to talk about larger issues with God in a way that feels like warmer, closer company, still from the earth, through what I’ve felt within in our friendship and found of Jesus within her words and poems.

She’s done a lot of good with the blog too, Blush of May?😅💗, with art picks, painted skies, and also soothing me before sleep because with rest comes meaningful art.


Today I’ve been working through setting up for teaching outdoor yoga with technical business points to resolve and have things ready for that day.😊🧘‍♀️

I walked into that common room where I live and noticed a Keurig with hot cocoa. I’ve drank from a modern day machine like this but not tried it myself. The Keurig said, Please lift, and I lifted the cup, but nothing. So I lifted the bottom metal tray with the empty cup, but nothing happened. Then I realized it wanted me to lift the actual lever where I’d put the K-Cup, and I stepped back…

🧚‍♀️📙Hot cocoa and book reading…but I’d been happy to go home too and have my old-fashioned loose leaf tea; I also like my hot cocoa with a scoop of pure cocoa powder and with warm almond milk, these very natural, refreshing, delicious warm drinks with my own measuring and lingering, looking through the window like the sky is a surprise present…🥲💗😢🙏

I have wondered if Wallace Stevens was able to walk around safely after writing his ‘Blackbird’ poem…and then I wonder no more…


Mentioned in this post: I Found Another Little Adventure

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird by Wallace Stevens ❌🤫🤗

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