‘Step Within That Dream,’ Thank You, Any Dream Will Do

Post title is my own created dialogue, my part in it is the reply even if I wrote it all 🤔💗

All the months prior to today and yet rushing into my focus by today, I realize, There have been things spoken to people that should’ve been spoken to God or a heavenly being first, and those people should’ve heard the very distilled part afterwards as some things said just did not do any good overall. Yet I see it ‘distilled’ in its way overall, I realize, less like a crowd of people, even if there have been more puzzles to come than I knew what to do with them.

I also know these may all have felt to be truly unsolvable things that make you just want to throw the puzzle barely pieced together in the air and say what comes to mind because it takes less effort, however intense and let the puzzle just come down and the pieces land wherever for that night…

But this book! Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman I lifted off the library shelf, which has been on my side table with the other accidentally blue matching book that I also put aside to read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley… I read the beginning of Neverwhere today, guy’s off to London, people around him saying goodbye, and feeling outside his own goodbye party, also not exactly sure what to expect in London, but as if, whatever happens…

I finished Frankenstein, so good, loved its depth and the sides of life it shows, so much to ponder, especially going down the snowy valley trails and on the ocean, running and reaching and wishing for things and then wanting to start over from there. I noticed the main characters; their affectionate way of telling of what they noticed about someone they loved and their devotion to them. In the book, there was the feeling that no one was replaceable even in that lonely set up of the start of the book and with the theme of loneliness, personal agency and outcomes that runs through the book…

This book Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman I just started (as I loved his book Stardust and read it more than once) reminds me of jokes I may make to myself and sometimes laugh quietly aloud and try not to, only stopping myself sometimes.

And it is also like some characters I may remember from my own dreams that come into the dream with an air of exceptional importance, whether it’s a respectful, kind exchange or I consider I could be like, ‘You want to fight? I think I could take you, Dream Boy.’


But even in a dream I don’t like causing unnecessary harm, haven’t even gotten to escort any rare lone dream figures right out of the dream either, so usually it would move on to another, maybe a happier dream that’s also happened to be unremembered.


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