An Amazing Art Reading from Some Weeks Ago

This video was recently posted, an art event and poetry reading I’d attended some time ago—I wasn’t reading my own work at this meeting or making any audible comments, but the camera will show my appreciation for the art, poems, and background stories shared. (If you notice, no it’s not a camera trick; I did step off camera and change my outfit after the event’s start.)

Hosting this event is Roula-Maria Dib, editor in chief of Indelible magazine in which two of my recent poems, including my ghazal are forthcoming in the next issue expected to appear in early 2022.

Roula was in Lebanon in this event and reads a couple of her own closing poems related to the food there that were beautiful in sensory, taste-centered detail, and universal as well.

I was also glad to hear the author Hedy Habra read at the beginning (whose poetry I found when browsing online for a woman poet from the Middle East, past or present, to go along with what I’d known of the male poet Rumi.)

Her poetry stylistically drew me in right away as I may be picky with poetry overall, and I purchased a book of hers, happy to see after that she was in the United States currently, living in Michigan.

Her excerpt of haibun (with verse) was especially appealing to me in style and technique, and also happened to include the word “moonflower” in its opening, the title I’d picked for my first book of poetry without encountering the flower in person myself or really hearing of it in literature, and wondering about how I’d chosen it with ease, and felt it fit so well.

Her reading in this video is from her recent poetry book, The Taste of the Earth I have not yet read or known before I’d found a book of hers this spring: that reading starts at around 27 minutes on the video dial, with Spanish too.

On this channel, the first part of the most recent session #7 was posted (I’d asked to see if the whole video was there but uploading can be trouble so no worries for everyone)…Here is #5!


From this morning: Leave-takings, Expressions, and Souvenirs

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