Autumn Returns by Pablo Neruda, Night Poetry Reading by Me in Spanish and English

A flight of geese I saw early one morning just before Fall

The Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda was one of the first I’d read on my own outside of school assignments… reading his poems still awe me, even ones I’d read many more times than other ones. It was interesting how I’d picked up the book, The Essential Neruda after a long while of many months and before then, years, maybe a week into Hispanic Heritage month this September without knowing it was ’til yesterday, and when I did try reading his poems aloud again, I suddenly remembered the story a teacher in high school (whose way of teaching English I’d admired and appreciated her encouragement of my own poetry assignments and literary comments in the class,) would tell the class of how her father learned another language (either Russian or English) by watching the same movie over and over. I remembered thinking when first hearing that story, ”Is that all? I hope so! Is that how I can be fluent in a language too? I feel I understand so little when I hear Spanish spoken but can read it on paper much easier after years.”

A couple of days later, I happened to see that teacher show up as a mutual friend’s comment to her (never wrote the memory or even talked about it), we had a quick pleasant conversation, but I actually wouldn’t remember that story until we all of a sudden weren’t in touch anymore:


But this is just connected by that little language story and my own amusement with it, and I realize now that’s when I received her poet recommendation, Louise Glück I’d mentioned on the blog, after she’d said she agreed that Pablo Neruda was a good poet I should read then who I’d found first myself outside of school.

This is a long ago found favorite by the classic poet Pablo Neruda, born in July 1904 read by me in the original Spanish (it’s been a long time for me since reading the language) and then in English, that fit the day’s weather in Massachusetts yet also a day suddenly full of sun.

and it has been a long rest since I posted an audio poem:


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