Leave-takings, Expressions, and Souvenirs

This is Peeko looking at me as I said to him,

”You are such a high class cat.”

And the continued part I’d felt from yesterday’s post…What about how the people have treated me? What about sweeping judgments, even if not vicious, that they expect me not to react to, or in another case, silence and great vagueness I would face? As if I am in the way.

I am fine, even still, as I do my best with others and know and feel when my love is matched, and I will cherish it. I am patient; I will wait while someone makes a change for their own good and my own, yet I also know no act means no change.


I see this custom bookmark, wherever my friend may be 🙏💗, colors coordinating well with the cover of the book I am reading Neverwhere.


Peeko will sometimes decide to pose for expressive, artful photography. Here his look and excitedly twittering straight up tail captures the essence of the classic book he’s guarding and I’d written of on the blog, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley—note the paws elegantly folded and with poised positioning.

I was excited to learn that it is Hispanic heritage month because I’d suddenly had a Spanish post thought of before I knew that for the future on the blog… There’s some more ideas to come that I can hardly wait for, but I will publish this and wonder if it will rain; if it does I will see what happens if I kiss a drop (have I tried that yet? I feel I have.) The sky got many kisses last night as I let my hands fall from my face and looked up to behold the blushiest blush I’d seen in a long time.

Previous post, that began this one: ‘Step Within That Dream,’ Thank You, Any Dream Will Do

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