The Missing Basil Leaf and Other True Tales of My Life


6:55 am today, Tuesday.


As a dedicated student of nature, I noticed my begonias looking heavy and drooping. After a rainstorm with great wind, I was so happy to see them safe the next morning, and noticing the heavy looking stalks, I embraced them with a quick upward lift of my arms and the branch snapped, and branch and full blossoms fell to the floor. 😔And while they are a bit more sparse in blossoms afterwards and with autumn coming, they now stand tall and straight. It is touching; while the whole summer they looked like chubby, giggly baby begonias happy even through my very stupid mistakes with their care, they now look like serious, maturing adolescents, so grown up!

The Sun

Sunday late afternoon; I didn’t add that sun myself into the photo, but I did correctly just guess the time then by looking at it which isn’t a skill I really have, and I wondered if it was glad.

A friend said in reply to that photo I shared… Isis Wings! (Isis from Egyptian mythology.)

I thought, Isis Copia wings? (Pen-name of author May Ziadeh)


The Missing Basil Leaf

My basil apparently doesn’t have nutritious soil and as the season for them nears closing (as they would be put up for adoption since cats can’t eat these herbs and so can’t be indoors), I thought one leaf looked better than the rest, like a deep green bean color rather than a more sickly, undeveloped yellow-green…

If your fingers are firing up insults to anonymous strangers across the country on your Facebook feed, well, you can find me outside on my balcony, chewing a basil leaf.


I picked that good leaf, but it was time for food shopping, so I rinsed it, folded it in a tissue, placed it in my purse, and left…In the car with Dan, I remembered my leaf, looked for it, took out the few things in my purse one by one… Ah, I found it! I chewed it…first chew, fine, after that, perfumed poison! Might an insect be spraying its mating territorial scent on my basil? More likely it needs better nutrients…While it’s late in the season for purchasing a bag of fertilizer (I’d rather have that fresh for the season), maybe I could give some nutrient-rich soil replaced by me in the strawberry plant pots to the basil to give them a good goodbye with me for the cool season. 😊🌿✋

It is fun to be bad at some things. Harmless stupidity for both the teller and the reader is healing…😊❤️‍🩹🙏

Confession: I am bad at counting. I worked at a bakery for a very short time; I left, but I feel there was great relief from those there when I did. 😅I could memorize all the prices just fine, there was no menu…but at the time I used to often add up wrong the items that were being purchased to enter into the cash register.

The worst part of the job? I often wouldn’t know which customer I helped… and would hand over a confused person who hadn’t ordered yet someone else’s change. 💵👐

One woman asked me if the bakery took credit cards on my second day there…I planned to ask the manager if they did because I was maybe counting some small loaves of bread in the meantime while the manager was busy…Someone else ended up answering the woman that they didn’t take credit cards, but I had forgotten her. The woman made sure to stare me down after and said, ”You are lucky I have cash. You are lucky.”

Later on remembering this, I thought, Reason for murder….

Her: “I couldn’t get the cookies.”


Food Stocking Sucess

And food…I stocked up this week better than I used to over time. I may not excel at accurate counting, but I am good at looking around to quickly scan prices at the supermarket and buying a bunch of a much loved sales item and the right amount of fresh produce I can eat for the week gets me saving money…because food is ever-expensive anyway in this time of the 21st century, so even if I stock up a week, it may look like I spent more, but I didn’t, and I will have a little guard from inflation, as while I am on earth, I will be eating food.

My choice brand of baby foods and fruits often has a nice sale…and I got a long row of jars of fruits from one end of my cabinet to the other, as you can see…

So beautiful, those glimmering jars!



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