What A Day Could Do, How Fun It Was…Continued

I don’t feel so great, so I listen to my Party playlist on shuffle, without the party or the dancing, just an everyday stroll kind of walk. I use natural New York variable speed walking moves to avoid all people for consideration even though I pass none, and find an open field…where my back begins to break into pieces…and the breeze shuffles them just a little…

🧚‍♀️You might see me from a distance, floating with my walk in the breeze that is extra refreshing today, enjoying my music (and Britney is free!) Rumi just got to celebrate his 814th birthday, and then I get to dissolve into the sunlight, directly.

And you get blog posts back to back.


But I feel a little feverish out of the sun, so I cut straight through the field and go back home. The moon calendar says it is in Leo ♌️; I don’t think there’s been a Leo moon post on the blog🌜…and there’s already been a photo of me. 😊What if I told you I follow the planets as art? And I might throw a stack of tarot cards into the wind if you gave them to me. (I have so many things of heaven and earth seen, mostly heaven though.😇) But I will gather fruits.


If my sense of taste doesn’t do so well, I will add more poems in with the fruits. And I will get a book like this one I received an extra good coupon for in my email today, Taste and See, along with some guides on praying the rosary. But I’ll cross the Taste part out, and plan to see. And if I can’t see?

Then it’s just pure enlightenment.



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