Neverwhere, A Reflective Review (Which Keeps Surprises Hidden For Those Finding The Book Anew)

This is the second book I’ve read by the author, after finding Stardust many years ago and reading that one more than once.

I recommend Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman to readers who enjoy fantasy and magical realist novels with plenty of humor, dabs of philosophy, and absurdity; this one would be best for adult or older young adult readers, and it is set in a cityscape, as the book opens with a lonely man named Richard on his way to London. This book could be read now as the season autumn is in it and it has that feel, even mention of October! But this kind of fun will last right through November and the winter too.

It’s a great book for writers and aspiring writers as well, timelessly published in 1996.


Even though the intrigue may make you want to read this very fast, there is a lot to experience, and the book would appear more clear and complete when I read the passages slower and also imagined the scenes and characters depicted as I read, a helpful note for me for books to read next by this author.

What is great is that you get to feel what the main character, Richard is feeling as if you are thrown just as lost with him is in these strange occurrences starting from the city of London, and you may feel happy to hear the confirmation that Richard is so lost and validate how you feel. With patience through the lostness, enjoying what appears, while being given quick philosophical questions (and you won’t even feel the philosophy, no old rambly text, just direct experience by the narrator), you reflect and make your way through the adventure with plenty of good jokes and unexpected encounterings!

If you like magical realism with fantasy that feels classic and new, I think you’d like this book, and it is great for authors to find inspiration on including clever descriptions and concise, natural dialogue within their own work.

I thought I’d remembered that the singer-songwriter, Tori Amos and this author were friends; I thought she’d mentioned his name in a song, and also coming to mind when I read Neverwhere were lyrics from a song from her earlier work, ”Sister Janet,” which may comment on a scene in the book in her own way or it is also possible her song was written first.

There appears to be a sequel listed, The Seven Sisters by the author, with no set date to release. 🧚‍♂️


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