In Which I Actually Answer A Question or Two

from 10/5/21 Bringing lost posts back out of revision

This Sunday evening before bed, Peeko looking at me, noting I look well, paw reaching with compassion, his job accomplished!

Have you heard of Japan’s ’lucky cat’ figurines? I think I have a real one here. He does this gesture often now, but will have a sweet, sad expression in his eyes also when looking to care for me, and has found pride in this ever since he was a kitten 😊.

If Dan (his dad) is noticeably later than usual to work, Peeko may chase him out the door nipping at his ankles like a puppy, and satisfied to see him off, because there are rules, routines, and responsibilities, and no slobbishness accepted. But there is plenty of affection and admiration too.

Missed Moons

I want to make a note that while I may mention certain moon signs and someone or something related, I also may not write of people in my life at all or in general, only as they may come up with the themes of the blog, because the blog is not meant to be a shout out, nor is any art for a shout out purpose; you know what I mean.

As for my husband Dan you may find appearing in posts, we keep his wishes respected of a mostly private life on the blog; he doesn’t care for zodiacs and had once requested a temporary ’moon break’ for himself from hearing about the actual planet, but it is safe to say, he is an Aries on the Taurus cusp, and no moons have been missed. If he doesn’t want a moon, we don’t miss it, he just doesn’t get one. ❌🌘😊🙏💗

The moon’s in Virgo and toward new. Finally, some Virgo honoring and appreciation that’s not yet appeared on a moon at Blush of Dawn. And nothing else now.

I knew I needed to stop last night and going beyond the rest I’d needed when I completed the line, ”…But I am not saying I support polygamy” on a post that I started about popular critics’ comments on a few familiar poets and went wandering down some side paths, that’s now safe and sound as a draft that may appear in a more intelligible form(s) in the future.

What am I doing today? Did you think that I would answer that directly? I will.

Morning tea now in the rain and quiet, a picturesquely spooky only purple mist and sheen through the gleaming windows so clean I would weep, then ءI’ll post this post. (I didn’t yet learn that letter in previous sentence; some surprise edits?)

And afterwards, a new sketch of my painting for my recently started canvas that needs much help. 🎨And yoga before bed.

I am going…now! 👋Is that a goodbye wave, or a slap?

May (my) relationships improve with a better understanding of Emojis.


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