Introducing My Mom, Joanie Rose

These are photos of her from these recent months.

You might have met my mom first in my poetry—No, she wasn’t the mom in ‘A Daughter Says’ in Moonflower (2018), that poem’s situation was fictional, but she was very featured inRenaissance, the opening poem in my latest poetry book, published this Mar. 2021 A Little Honey Sweetens The Flame.

That poem ‘RenaissanceI’d begun writing somewhat shortly before being hospitalized in March 2020 when I was not writing poetry for years in worsening depression and mental/emotional numbness, thinking I would do something then, was interested in the thought that appeared randomly first at that time ‘a primary-colored parachute’ (but would change color when completed), didn’t write more then.

My mom came up again in my creative writing in a group at the hospital when given a therapeutic writing prompt, and when I was home again and very well, I placed the words from that session in the earlier draft I’d written before, Renaissance’ and continued it and completed it, revising and giving the title later, but just after I’d found the title for it and before fully revising it, I read the poem Renascence’ by Edna St. Vincent Millay in her book Collected Lyrics and was stunned with her poem & also that similar title. My mom is also in a poem from that book, ‘Inheritance,’ which features her, and her mother, my Grandma Jean, in loving memory and my sister, opens with my mom simmering marinara sauce and continues.

As we’ve been in a certain region of the world with art for awhile on the blog, the Middle East, in Lebanon and Egypt, and Afghanistan (Rumi), I was thinking of new ways to sail back a little further down to the Italian shore of the Mediterranean sea (I understand the world map better now and there are a couple things to come), and to bring some of my own Italian-American ancestry into the blog, and now you can meet my mom, Joan…Joanie Rose!

We are now partly in Brooklyn, New York too, where she was born, and her mother my grandmother Jean, and my grandmother’s mother my great grandmother Rose, and my sister Jenna and me.

As for family background all were raised Catholic with a personal, living faith in Christianity and one’s own individual personality and creativity, and living with kindness, and doing one’s best in everything (and not comparing oneself to others); my mom has on-goingly encouraged me in life.

This is not a mom to mess with! My mom will be clearing the FitBit board and demolishing a whole slew of competitors with her step counts. And this will make the very fitness-routined grown men cry too. And she will also write great, short FitBit inspiration posts in the community and also post inspiring, encouraging quotes by other writers.

She will bake her own custom-cakes and desserts (cookies, pies, pudding, cupcakes) for birthdays and other occasions that will make you weep with the thought and the look upon her skillful, creative, and personal designs, that you can see the custom cake for you, all museum-like, which you can also eat.

This was a cake she made for my birthday and one of my very favorites to showcase. All made by hand by her including that chocolate collar and topped with fresh strawberries!

She’s photographed these herself, too! Dan used to comment about my intense exclamations with the cakes; if my heart was made out of a rock then it would be much quieter, with delicious, homemade cakes of this caliber!

This is her newest photo! So lovely! And we are a delightfully short (in stature) family. And very wonderful. As for Zodiacs, she is a Taurus with mentorship traits, reliability, and also a routine schedule.

My mom will make custom cakes for dogs too. Here she is with her dog niece ‘Mocha.’

The dogs appreciate the homemade cakes, including her dog-granddaughter, Isabella! This is Mocha, an affectionate puppy who’s a little camera shy. 😊🐶📸

My mom shares with me, along with my sister Jenna, an ‘unpopular’ general dislike for fireworks, and my mom’s best and favorite subject in school was English. She’s read many novels too with me (prefers modern novels than my own antique-like, poetical leaning at times🙂📚)and read the full bible more than once, and versatile interests can move in and out and in again—Lately she’s been focusing on fitness & encouraging posts, and baking. And she’s been doing all my yoga session videos at FB Jade Nicole Yoga that I record in my home in Mansfield, Massachusetts, at her home (with the video projected on her television screen) in Brooklyn, New York. 🗽🧘‍♀️



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  1. Thank you so much for this Jade!! So beautifully written, you made me look so good!! I am very proud to call you my daughter. If I was as talented as you I would write a blog about all that you do and all that you are! Thank you again! ❤️

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