Lost and Found: Give You Riddles That Are More Fun Than I Thought

True Life: Light flicked off some moments after while I was inside, no one around, flicks on again bright as usual with my step forward…Now, does that make me invisible or not, or might I be shifting? No wrong answer; it’s not that exciting.😊😉🧚‍♀️🌑But my own photo!

In an audio post on May 7, ‘21, I told of an idea I had for a painting with an item I’d lost. Well, I tried to paint it in then but then made a scene instead thinking I wanted to paint the place where I’d found the item and not the thing yet, did that, later to wipe the canvas down, needing to start over. That lost item idea was left aside and not on my mind when I decided to start a different painting. I replayed that audio post today.

Yesterday, I drew a new large-sized paper pencil sketch for my current painting that has needed much help! Whatever’s there now feels rightly placed in the new sketch, including some new thing similarly shaped to that old lost thing but just came up on its own, and I will add in the lost item, it feels just the fit, for this new sketch composition.

I will actually tell you more now, I see that in art you don’t need to keep every secret before it’s finished, necessarily!

The lost item idea I mentioned in that audio post was a beaded necklace. (pre-May Ziadeh-existence known by me), and after suddenly finding May’s lost poetry book online on May 18th, sometime I’d find this photo of my dear May and thought, my lost necklace looked like that! And it was already a recent painting idea of mine that I’d forgotten a little while ’til yesterday’s sketch.

I think I might’ve not lost the necklace, but had gotten rid of it, and for no particular reason that I remember.

May looks about my age in this photo when I had found and worn mine, but 100 years before, 1900s.

So, who found it first? She did. Are there two necklaces? Probably yes; hers looks more expensive. Did she lose hers too? Does she have it now? Very likely not. Did I find hers? Where’s mine now?

What if I didn’t really care to find it?… I could come across a new necklace for my jewelry collection, maybe from a street vendor in Boston.😊💕🌃

I had found that lost one in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, on a street vendor’s table, early new millennium, 2000s, likely wrapped in plastic for a peasant. 😊🧚‍♀️💸

Also Lebanese poet (and visual artist) corresponding with May cross-continents, Kahlil Gibran’s studio home he lived ‘til he died in 1931 in New York City with candles he called ”The Hermitage” was also in Greenwich Village, Manhattan where I’d bought my necklace, although mine looked newly made for a fairy wandering by with a few dollars to draw from her purse to get it from a street artist whose face I don’t remember.


My beaded necklace was red, but which color was hers?



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