Peeko’s Own Post on His Moon

Peeko has a moon of his own in Scorpio, and he may also know it. He prefers to represent himself by himself, yet I will tell the back story.

A package note implementation of policy for residents was in my email the other day in which I found amusing this politely toned warning (and the idea of how word choice in any writing is interesting to me) about packages needing to be picked up by residents within 48 hrs and that “the packages will not be sent back, but will simply be placed in the back room of the main office to be picked up during business hours.” 🎃

I get my packages within this time frame anyway and went to sleep; the next morning, I realized there was a package of mine I’d forgotten awhile and had been having a hectic time, so I went to the package room in the morning to pick up Peeko’s wet food as part of his breakfast…but the package was not in that room; it had been banished!

I’d found a wet cat food can in the back of my cabinet in reserve and recent store stockage had also been low; the can was found and given after I walked back inside.

Peeko had his breakfast and was satisfied, but when the office opened and his own package was brought in, he liked to raise himself up on top of it for effect (as in featured photo) and he wished to appear in another one like this:

If you haven’t yet met Peeko, he is my cat who enjoys traditional cat games with action and violence, long naps and luxurious lounging, and hearing fine poetry read aloud to him; his favorite has been Edna St. Vincent Millay with her metered verse and created phrases like ’a-sunning in the sun.’

Fun Fact: Peeko may be part Maine Coon and Edna was born in Maine.

He didn’t need these cans yet but was right there in time before the cabinet was restocked, and appears on camera:



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