(Audio) My Prose Poetry Dedication for May Ziadeh Read Aloud Today Along with Two Poems by May Translated by Me

Tuesday, Oct 12, 2021


May Ziadeh b. Feb 11, 1886

d. October, 17, 1941

I wrote this poetic letter in appreciation of the poet May Ziadeh who was greatly revered for her poems, prose, essays, translations, and speeches in Lebanon and Egypt during her life, b. Feb 11, 1886. She ran her famous literary salon meetings on Tuesdays at her home for at least 20 years and unfairly had to stop hosting them around 1930, had been a well-respected editor and lecturer, and was sadly not so widely honored later in life. Little was written of her when she died on Oct. 17, 1941, and afterwards.

But here she is honored with my own plate of ‘dream flowers’ preserved and found with love since I’d found her work in May 2021, along with a golden cross with flower at center mysteriously found near the foot of my bed one day that no one recognizes on this decorative porcelain plate I found at an Antique Fair in Stourbridge, Massachusetts years ago.

These ‘dream flowers’ refer to May’s first book of poetry in French, Fleurs de Reve (1911) in English, Dream Flowers, published under her pen-name, Isis Copia. I am also reading my own English translations of two of her French poems on Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2021, in honor of May Ziadeh at her literary salon.

Reciting her poems & my own poetic letter
by Jade Nicole Beals
b. Feb 19, 1986
Jade Zirino

May’s poems read
pub. 1911

80 years after her death

photos of the recent flowers I’d found and preserved with love


May and her mother



Earlier (typed format): A Letter To Honor Poet May Ziadeh and Two of Her Poems, Eighty Years Later

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