Peeko’s “Troix Romances Without Words,” Wellness, and My Listenings

I am off social media for a little time and ease into my projects with plenty of rest…there are post ideas piled up yet saved to come, a second post to the “What The Critics Said” series, autumn trees close to photoing, could be coming too, and more.

I painted this morning and the painting is really getting better!

But let’s show Peeko’s post now, his photo series take on ”Trois Romances sans Paroles” by Gabriel Fauré from my Classical Chamber Playlist…

In English, three romances (or songs) without words:

Gazing at me yesterday evening, likes the new phrase his “deluxe dinner.”

(Very slight wink progression)

He likes hearing ”The Bean Stalk” by Edna St. Vincent Millay and is gaining confidence in his classiness, may even allow a short filmed reading.

What if I said I am being guided nicely in wellness and energy balance restoration…by my cat and a heavenly poet ghost? 😊But I see for myself that it’s very good.

May Ziadeh was an exceptional editor, helping me now with understanding it’s okay to not keep grabbing posts off and on the blog, can plan some ahead too, as I move forward from here. The newspapers and magazines she edited were released in print, and she gives gentle suggestions and support, as I move off the blog a little while..


More wellness: Coconut oil (100% pure in container) has a tranquil effect when on my skin at bedtime, although I’d misplaced mine last night and found it safely this morning in the wrong cabinet now in right one, can be put on dry skin and for me not on face, also conditions hair placed on scalp overnight to be shampooed in the morning, aromatherapy healing.

Peeko says today, “It’s time for tea, Mommy,” and then also adds a moment of an obstacle I overcome as I raise my hand slowly to open the cabinet and he pretends he will hit my hand with his paw, could be a quick snap coming, but he moves along… my golden flowers steeped, tiny cup, and teapot, and I see that it is a good time to sit now with the tea before lunch.😊

A look at my current music playlists and listening …🎼🎶I renamed my poetry book in progress playlist to those roman numerals to make it less of an emphasis on number or type, like I love art and I am finding joy in that, indifferent to numbers…😊Contrasting playlists? 😉Don’t worry; it is all more than well.😊💗🎼🎶


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