And The Moon’s Shiny Tonight

It’s the Moon! You know it.

A song came on my shuffle today, think my own Christmas thought, save it in my mind for a future post, keeping my hands off the blog, and then quickly check social media late that night to see Britney Spears has posted a Christmas picture. 🎄

I take a day’s break from the blog and social media, think awhile, come back…and I see Britney posts on my subject, happening often😊; I think, and will see her post after, like this thought of mine unwritten ’til now: Jesus aside and my love for heaven, I don’t like actual Christmas music! But this is a good one. Separately.

“Look in the sky…I’m a……✨✨✨star!”🎶🎶

and the shirt ! 👕❓


Alright I’d had the Christmas reference confused; that was my Nicki playlist music marathon running on…Christmas part in this was Nicki’s ”Feeling Myself” song but it all goes. The ✨👕🍫 song is “Big Bank” YG feat. Nicki, but it doesn’t matter, it brings me to the next question that’s more important…

💵If I won the lottery, you ask?

People usually don’t like my answer…

“A selection of a particular fine rare tea of my choice, like a green, black, or oolong to place in a glass jar with airtight lid inside my cabinet among a few other teas to drink, a quiet home with at least one window to look out and neighbors around (forget the elaborate garden for now; I am still learning nature)…

Let’s try this again baby boy, borrowed you some better soil, now in the shade

but a flowering plant to sit by with trees that change color in autumn and spring, and the sky to see with the ☀️sun in it; Give it away, away!…a few fashionable tops by a seamstress for accurate shoulder-sizing—(got two anew), a container of solid pure coconut oil for calmness and replenishment, and a travel highlight in some months without over-extended stay,🍫like a square or two 😋of this to savor.”

How about you? Got your eye on a yacht? 🛥

Maybe you want a quality vintage record player with a gleaming golden horn and some music to place on it to play throughout the room?


I do!🙃


I found my halloween costume today, bus ride🚍…browse and mix, and got it ✔️! 😀

Close with unheard Nicki song found? “Boyz…” Making fun of my dear library? 📚What you say bout my cereal?🥣 My fruits?!🍓🍇😊With surprise British accent.

…🌛Gambling, no. Fast motorcycle rides, no…Late night blog run on recklessness…😊🙏✔️…I go!🚦

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