Walk Into Day Darkness

Question: Am I invisible truly or am I shifting❓🧚‍♀️🌫😊

My prediction: This is part of indoor home construction.

Fun fact: I can see very well in the dark, literally.

Evidence: My husband Dan arrived home in the dark just after me too and I saw a truck outside, been some light construction noise today, sound of saw in the distance and some soft hammering.

Conclusion: I am probably real. 😊

I was still glad to snap this selfie in the dark with so very little natural light coming through the back hallway door.

Just a few moments later: Automatic light’s back. Hmm 😊🤔😉🌸💕🧚‍♂️


Earlier Today: Fleur D’Amitie Dream Flower

A past invisible reference: Not My Mirror, But I Looked Up and Saw Chandeliers

Also today: Within It All, The Art When There’s No Record of It


Correction of song reference: And The Moon’s Shiny Tonight

Explanation Best in Emoji: Autumn Returns by Pablo Neruda, Night Poetry Reading by Me in Spanish and English

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