Within It All, The Art When There’s No Record of It

Art doesn’t only happen directly on the canvas or page; I learned that when I unwrapped a new canvas and noticed the plastic wrap itself, the way light influenced the look of its texture and color, and myself behind it, snapped a fun photo. That post was called With The Canvas’ Wrapping. By then, I was tired and inspired, and did not paint but learned something new, and was satisfied.

And so this morning I noticed the shadows on the walls at home shifting and spreading and appearing from the sun in the center of the sky facing me (Is this a new season thing that the sun feels to be facing me? Fewer leaves or maybe later rising; or maybe I was just too overwhelmed and busy then. Note: I was not one to master earth science. 😊🌎)

I enjoyed the bright dawn light upon my face and eyes, leaf umbers moving and flickering, I stepped within it, snapped a photo, and that is all, the sun’s so much brighter now, and I wish not to miss it.


Previously: Poet Byron with The Moon

A Lord Byron Reading in Nearby Nature and Autumn Air Among Sunlit Trees Still Green

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